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Hello, it's me! This is my BANDCAMP where everything streaming is so much easier!!!
If you are interested in this music, I will be happy to help you hear it
I'm making pretty much everything I've recorded available here. Just to be clear:

"Singles" -various cuts I wrote from bands I was in...and more to come.
1st album: I Am A Diver (1998) - solo acoustic
2nd album: Long Live The Days (2008) - solo w/ band
3rd album: MKB ULTRA (2016) - solo with band: I wrote the songs but this band of super talents transformed me and the music. Definitely a group project. Thanks to Jack Endino for producing and playing lead guitar!
Release date: 10/22/2016

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      Next show is "unplugged" at Georgetown Music - Sat... Apr 10, 2017
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      Live at The Royal Room • March 11th, 2017 with The... 1 comment · Apr 10, 2017
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      Come see us LIVE at the Blue Moon Tavern, in Seatt... Oct 6, 2016
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Mia Katherine Boyle • MKB ULTRA
Seattle, Washington
A veteran Seattle musician, Mia combines singer/songwriter craft with musical collaborations bringing hints of American folk, soul and experimental. Her musical friends inspire new directions but she remains grounded in confessional, blues-tinged rock. "I just do this so I can sing".

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